Activities to Inspire

"What are clouds made of?" 

"How do you write in cursive?"

"How do you say that word?"


Our children expresses interest and readiness to discover new things all the time. It may be in obvious statements like the ones above, or it may be through unspoken cues, a tendency to gravitate toward a particular thing or hobby.  As mentors, these are indicators of what sorts of activities, games, experiments, and lessons we can look to introduce.


Keeping a collection of books, files, or Pinterest boards full of easy-to-access ideas will come in handy in many ways:

  • They are  hands-on, engaging, and fun
  • They can be used to introduce a  concept or topic which, in turn, might prompt a deeper study or generate new questions to pursue
  • When a question is asked, activities or experiments are easy to find - you can actually DO them while interest is still ripe! 


If you keep a supply of "Must-Have Materials" on hand and a basic library of Resource Books & Such, you'll be ready for just about anything that comes up!


Finally! Time and good reason to actually DO the things on your Pinterest boards!

Over the years, I've created several boards with ideas for a variety of subjects and ages. You can create your own boards (or any approach that works best for you) by starting with your child's known interests. Then, add topics that are likely to come up at some future date. This is a great way for mentors to satisfy our desire to plan when our course is still unknown.



Inspired Ideas We've Discovered Along the Way...

  Jewel Jar - incentive and "structure" promoting the heart, soul, mind, body, and service.


  Car Charts - math, bar graphs, sorting, counting, color differentiation, and who knows what else!


  Do-It-Yourself Abacus - arithmetic, arts & crafts, creativity, tool use (glue gun)




Developing the Heart

Life Skills

Learning to Read & Write

Numbers & Critical Thinking

Grammar, Vocabulary, and Higher Level Writing

Life Science


Science of the Earth and Sky

Physical and Chemical Science

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