Books and Such

Instead of comprehensive programs that dictate your lessons and timetables, I highly recommend purchasing good reference materials. That way, answers can be researched when questions are asked. Begin with basic titles such as those shown with an asterisk (*). Then you can add to your library as needed.

These resources are a sampling  and NOT a requirement. In fact, things like historic coloring pages or map outlines can be printed from the internet if you'd prefer. Pray first, listen to the Lord, and select what would be best for your students according to what God is telling you.

Note: Many of the additional resources listed by subject below are geared toward elementary ages. That is because my daughter is still in this category and so I can make recommendations based on actual experience.

Check back as the lists will be updated from time to time.

 At-a-Glance Basic Reference Library (For All Subjects)
Resources Worth a Look That Support Exploration and Discovery
Reading & Writing
  • Phonics Pathways by Dolores G. Hiskes
  • Phonetic Readers similar to the Alphabet Series compiled by Francis Bloom
  • Editor in Chief by The Critical Thinking Co. (for support/practice, mid-elementary or older) OR Daily Paragraph Editing by Evan Moor (and NO, you don't have to do it daily)
  • Sequential Spelling by AVKO (again, unless your child is dyslexic and you are trying to address a reading disability, you don't have to do this daily. Use as God leads you. At minimum it is an excellent source of word family lists that you can use however you want. You don't need the student book as it's blank lines for writing on - you can use your own paper).
  • Rummy Roots Card Game (4 games in 1 for various ages and abilities)
  • Crazy A's Phonics Card Game (formerly sold as "Whizizzle Phonics")
  • Check the Library:  Readers and Read Aloud Books; children's books on different parts of speech like those by Ruth Heller, etc.
Mathematics & Critical Thinking

Note: Workbooks are a fun way to practice math skills they've already been introduced to, but I would avoid centering your math activities around a workbook.

History & Geography