Education in America

For those who are interested in better understanding the issues surrounding modern education in America, this is a list of recommended readings.

I’ve included an important selection of original writings and reports from those directly involved in the development of the modern school system (General Education Board; National Education Association’s Committee of Ten and Committee of Fifteen). There’s also a link to Cubberley’s book which is an early analysis of the impact of modern schooling on American society.


Works by John Taylor Gatto

Three-time Teacher of the Year for New York City and one-time Teacher of the Year for New York State. (Website and biography HERE)



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John D. Rockefeller’s General Education Board, Group Congressionally chartered to promote public education in the U.S.


National Education Association


Ellwood P. Cubberley, Professor and Dean of the Stanford Graduate School of Education, Stanford University


John Dewey (considered the Father of Modern Education)


Other Noteworthy Reads

The Lost Tools of Learning, Dorothy L. Sayers, 1947