Self-Directed Learning Using Technology

The internet has given us access to self-directed and inspired learning options we didn’t have before. Check out these sources that might come in handy. Check them out before you commit – courses offered may or may not be Bible-based.


*List under construction – more are being added so check back for updates!*

Do you have a recommendation? Let me know…


Video Courses & Lectures – An interactive site for teaching reading through phonics along with some other primary concepts like the calendar. It’s FREE although you can also upgrade and get a little more with a subscription membership. – Helpful instructional animated math videos for elementary math concepts such as place value, regrouping, multiplication, and more. Watch for FREE. – Numerous K-12 courses with an annual fee – Project-based classes for kids ages 9-16! There are some neat things here including art, music, cooking, LEGO building, and machines. There aren’t a ton of options but they say more will be added. Monthly OR annual payment options available. – Online courses targeting high school and adult students. There is a fee per course. – Instruction mainly in math, science, history, economics, and grammar (instructional videos also available on their YouTube Channel). It’s FREE. – A site that teams with National Geographic, The Smithsonian, and other secular organizations to provide courses and lectures in a variety of subjects. It’s geared for the high school student and older and there is a hefty per course price tag BUT they have “sale” options that are more reasonably priced. – A selection of FREE upper level liberal arts courses in Literature, History, Government, Religion, and more!

CompassClassroom – Assorted classes in mainly in History, Latin, Poetry, Logic, Economics, Bible, Vocabulary, and Science. There is a fee for classes and subscriptions and material is presented from a biblical worldview. Target age is probably High School, however it seemed to me that some courses may be do-able for some Junior High kids. There are also online resources that include games, apps, and audio/video support for their programs – All sorts of drawing classes for a variety of ages (although it’s best for older elementary to adult); some are FREE and some come with a monthly or annual membership.


Audio/E-Book Resources – use your library card to check out e-books, audiobooks, movies, and music. It’s FREE. – Audiobooks and more audiobooks that are all in the public domain. Listen or download for FREE. – A wide variety of audiobooks for a monthly subscription fee


Downloadable Project Instructions – DIY projects in technology, science, crafts, costuming, food, and more.


Worthwhile Kids Educational Sites (More Coming Soon)… – Same site as the video link above but this link takes you to all sorts of FREE math skills games for Grades K-6. – Educational games for K-5 covering letters, numbers, holidays, strategy, and various other skills. It’s FREE unless you want to go ad-free for a monthly subscription fee. – Fun and interesting games dealing with concepts in math, geometry, physics, logic, and more. Play for FREE.