Scriptural Support

Throughout my search for answers in God's word, I've collected over 50 pages of Bible verses that speak to the topics of parents, teachers and teaching, shepherding, knowledge and wisdom, peace, joy, the Holy Spirit, a calling, and so on. Here, I've compiled some of those verses that speak to each role depicted on what I call the Mentor's Triangle - an approach to living and learning that includes God, the Mentor/Parent, and the Student/Child.

I hope that you will take some time, not just to read through these verses, but to meditate on them and see what God might have in it for you. I certainly have been both convicted and encouraged, and I'm sure I will be adding to them over time. No doubt, the Holy Spirit will bring me to new places in my learning that broaden my understanding of things as He always does.

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Verses That Point to God as the Great Shepherd and Mentor

The Bible tells us again and again that wisdom, knowledge, and understanding come from God. That's why it's so important that we  turn to him first in all matters, including teaching and learning. All we have to do is ask for insight and respond to His prompts. Then, bit by bit, our path will be revealed.

Verses That Encourage the Mentor/Parent

The role of mentor is more about coming alongside the student than it is tightly managing their activities and schedules. These verses help mentors focus on what it means to be a support to God and the student, shepherding just as Christ did when He walked with His disciples.

Verses To Encourage the Student/Child

This collection of verses addresses the more active role of a God-led student. They are for the young as well as the old for we never really cease to be students.

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